ISBN   9789402101973
Pagina's   91
Verschenen   2014
Uitvoering   e-Book
Uitgever   Brave New Books
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In the summer of 1968 Kaitlin´s father buys an old house in Ibiza. He is told he is too late. ´The Island has already been spoiled by tourism.´ There are no charter flights there, no big hotels and on playa d´en Bossa there is only one tiny beach bar. But the times, they are a changin´, as Bob Dylan says. What is to the hippies a secluded stairway to heaven, will soon become the highway to Paradise for the millions, turning Ibiza into the party Island as it is known today. Fourteen year old Kaitlin spends three magical summers there, taking a ride with Jim Morrison, dancing with Dali and becoming the first go go girl at Lola´s. This novel will tell you what Ibiza was like: the music, the people and the atmosphere. It is also the love story of an old Island and a young girl, reluctantly growing up together.